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Hearing The Way 52 per Carton

Hearing The Way 52 per Carton

Item Number: 0831090
ISBN: 9781925044966

Author/Artist: De Waal, Kayle
Publisher/Label: Signs Publishing Company
Release Date: 2019

Weight: 0.22
Hearing The Way 52 per Carton
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The Exodus was a dominant and defining story in Jewish nation, life and faith—and it became one of the foundational ways in which His first followers understood Jesus and, in turn, the New Testament writers explained who Jesus was and what He did. So this story also becomes a key for our understanding of Jesus, the early church and the New Testament, and for what it means for us to follow Jesus today.
“With a scholar’s grasp of literary structure and a pastor’s skill in bringing the Word to the life lived, Kayle de Waal has offered a ‘new exodus’ of his own—one that leads the worshipping fellowship of Christ-followers out of the naïve and simplistic readings of Scripture that we too often settle for. Having followed de Waal on his exploration of ‘the way’, I will never read the New Testament as I used to—and that’s a gift I celebrate.”—Dr Bill Knott, Editor, Adventist Review and Adventist World.